What is VBOrb?

With VBOrb you can write CORBA Visual Basic clients and servers. CORBA clients can call methods of remote objects written in any language and CORBA servers can call back methods of your local objects. For instance you can write your server in Java using a JavaORB and your client in VisualBasic using VBOrb. CORBA is an open standard in opposite of Microsoft DCOM or COM+. CORBA is specified by the OMG.

You can use VBOrb instead of a COM-CORBA-Brigde or to access EJBs (Enterprise Java Beans) or to remote control a Microsoft program by using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). Please read the release notes and evaluate by yourself.

Programming hints

#pragma in IDL files, Handle exceptions, Grid example, Naming Service

Download VBOrb and IDL2VB

VBOrb is distributed by me under the `GNU Library General Public License'. You are welcome to download the sources. There are no executables. To try the demos just start client and server in separate VB development environments.

VBOrb version 1.22, Jun 2003 (about 1.3 MBytes)
VBOrb version 1.23, Oct 2003 (about 1.3 MBytes) Release Notes
VBOrb on mirror site

The next version will come probably in Feb 2004, fixes earlier.

Feel free to send me a response.